Center for Economic Justice

World Bank Boycott


Movements to end the devastating impact of International Financing Institutions (IFI's) are growing exponentially. Due to increased demand for its programs and to recent organizational changes, CEJ currently seeks candidates for the following positions:

  • Organizing Director
  • International Organizer(Africa and Asia)
  • International Organizer(Latin America)

Challenging the International Financial Institutions (IFIs)

Profit-driven economic integration disproportionately harms the poor in the global South, who are least able to survive under the policies and practices of multinational corporations and international financial institutions (IFIs). The impact is particularly devastating for low-income women and their children, and for especially marginalized groups such as indigenous peoples, for they are already burdened by poverty and a lack of social, political, and economic rights.


The mission of the Center for Economic Justice (CEJ) is to strengthen international movements that counter corporate-driven globalization and promote more just policy alternatives. Following the direction of the justice movements themselves, CEJ aims to support them in concrete ways, the people most directly and negatively affected, helping them gain political power as well as technical and funding support in their struggles for environmentally healthy, human-centered, and sustainable economies. CEJ also links global South networks with U.S. community groups, activists, and policy advocates, with the goal of fostering and strengthening cooperation.

Center for Economic Justice